We love what we do, we live by it, and we want to pass it on to others.

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We live in a society in which we just don't move or stay active the way we were meant to. The result? Bad movement patterns, bad posture and sick people. When good anatomical alignment is sacrificed one of two things happens: Injury and/or Performance is inhibited. At PHG Crossfit we stress the fact that each joint should have proper range of motion and then stability. There are certain functional movements we should ALL be good at - movements that make us feel better, stronger, and fit - this is what we coach at PHG CrossFit.


We recently moved to
5739 West Park Ave.
St. Louis MO 63110.
Our gym is now more than double the size!


Want to check out our box before you commit? Not sure if CrossFit is for you? Come in and try it for free! You’re first class is on us.


We are currently working on making sure you have showers and childcare options. We will update this as soon as we get something solid on the schedule. (More info the month of May 2016)


What makes us different?
If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

We pride ourselves on keeping our clients healthy , challenged, and most importantly safe. CrossFit has redefined what fitness is and we are seeing the results firsthand. The adage that "a body in motion stays in motion" applies to us humans. What we want for our clients is the same thing that we want ourselves- to train in here so that we can move well outside of the gym. Join us and we'll show you how to move well not just for now but long term.

  • Get Mobile

    We'll teach you how to mobilize and stretch in an effective way that makes sense for our movements

  • Warmup / Skill

    We practice movements to prepare the joints and muscles for the stresses we will apply to them now and in everyday life

  • Strength

    Learn to lift some weights by instructors who know how to do so to get results and keep you safe

  • Heart / Speed

    You'll redefine what it means to "workout" when we add in a game like challenge of the racing against the clock, your friend or just yourself.

PHG Crossfit coaches

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matthew Martin

Head CrossFit Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Owner
I like functional training, I train in the gym so I can move well outside of the gym. I like to push myself and my clients in a safe but effective way. There are no short cuts, hard work and planning pay off.
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Meaghan Barron

CrossFit & CrossFit Kids
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Quenten Dent

Personal Trainer, USA Weightlifting Coach
I am overly interested is biomechanics. Learning and understanding how to activate, train and not only use muscle groups together, but each individual muscle seperately. Everything including snatches and zombie handstands, to rubbing your stomach while patting your head.
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Daniel Odenwald

CrossFit Coach
Dan the Fireman
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Gary Camp

CrossFit Coach
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Erin Langan

CrossFit Coach
All my life I have enjoyed pushing my body to the limits of what it is capable of doing as well as playing sports, physical training, and weight lifting. Crossfit combined all of these things and immediately I was hooked. I loved the way I felt and enjoyed the community I became a part of.


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